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This is my first real (real to me anyway) modeling shoot! The idea came about quite by accident actually. I've been taking my camera with me everywhere I go, and quite often I will just stop somewhere and shoot things that take my eye.

Earlier this summer I stopped at this Erie Canal bridge that I cross everyday to get to work and shot some pictures beneath it, and as I was shooting I had this idea that this would be a unique and really cool location to do an "artsy" type of shoot with a model!

The composition would have contrasting elements - rust, dirt, graffiti. But with a beautiful model standing on that raised platform between the concrete pillars, striking a fashion pose in a stunning red dress.... Something sexy, alluring, "artsy"

I've been acquainted with Michelle for probably at least 5 or 6 years now from the Horse Show events that she attends, and that I also shoot... Long story short - I asked Michelle if she would be interested in doing it - and she said yes!!

I think we got some really great shots here! Something must be good, because her gallery has in just 5 days time became the #1 most visited gallery on my website. And of the 55,000 plus pictures on my site, 5 of her pictures occupy the top 5 positions of the most viewed as well!!