Blank Model Release Form

The photographer will bring two printouts of this release form to the session.  Once copy for the model, the other copy for the photographer.




Location:                                                                                                                                Date:                                                       



I,                                                            , (the model), understand that I will receive my own private and password protected area on the Grafx Solutions website where I will have the ability to download and keep any and all original high-resolution photos that I have posed for in this session. I also understand this release only applies to the photo session indicated above, subsequent sessions will require a separate release form to be signed. 

Furthermore, I understand that, I can print or use these photos for my own personal needs, such as building or updating my portfolio, and for sharing on my social media accounts.  I also understand that I am NOT allowed to use or sell these images for 3rd party commercial purposes.   I also understand that all images remain the property of Grafx Solutions under United States copyright law.

In exchange for the compensation received (monetary, TF*, or other agreement), I hereby give permission to Gary Evans, (dba Grafx Solutions), to use my name and photographic likeness (I.E. photos from this session) in his portfolio (both online and physical binder), his social media accounts, and for his business promotional advertising and promotional literature (digital or print). Grafx Solutions agrees to NOT use or sell the images for 3rd party commercial purposes, and agrees to not sell the photos on his website, or other websites.


Model                                                                                   Photographer

Print Name:                                                                          Print Name:                                                          

Signature:                                                                            Signature:                                                                        

Date:                                                                                     Date                                                                


If Model is under 18:
I,                                                                 , am the parent/legal guardian of the individual named above, I have read this release and approve of its terms.

Print Name: